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Breakbulk Americas Show

Houston TX – October 2-4, 2018
Precision Specialized will be an exhibitor in Houston, TX at the Breakbulk Americas show at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Come visit us at booth #1311!

You can find more information here - https://www.breakbulk.com/events/breakbulk-americas-2018/



Featured on Truck News website homepage on June 10, 2013:
BIG MOVE, BIG AWARD: Precision Specialized Division has won SC&RA’s Hauling Job of the Year Award for hauling a 110,000-lb Vertical Impregnation Tank (VIT) 180 km.”

Link to the video: http://www.trucknews.com/videos/play/?plid=1002373459


Featured in American Cranes & Transport magazine


We made the Truck News

Truck News, May 13, 2013:

Canadian heavy hauler wins SC&RA’s Hauling Job of the Year Award

“Precision Specialized Division (PSD) has received the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s Hauling Job of the Year Award.” – link to the full article



  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Date: June, 2012
  • Job: To move two 185,000 lbs transformers to rebuilt sub-station
  • Challenge: Ontario’s 264,000 lbs gross weight cap

Precision Specialized Division Inc. (PSD) was contracted to move two transformers from Pickering to Woodstock, Ontario. Time was the biggest factor in the move as the transformers were urgently needed for a sub-station.

The challenge was Ontario has a 264,000 lbs cap weight over-the-road. Anything heavier than this weight requires special approval and engineering studies for all structures. Obviously the cost of doing so is coupled with the amount of time to obtain all the approvals. It amounts to huge issues for anyone wanting to move significant weight. Essentially this limits most carriers to a payload of 165,000 lbs due to their tare weight being around 100,000 lbs….for most carriers that is except for Precision Specialized Division Inc.

The brain trust behind PSD took this weight issue to their trailer manufacturer and developed a new 13 axle configuration. Embracing new technology is nothing new for PSD so it made perfect sense to apply it to their new trailer and the result was an impressive 95 ton, 13 axle configuration capable of moving 190,000 lbs over-the-road in Ontario. This unit also works well in North America as it is capable of moving a load typically transported on a 19 axle, again saving their customers time and money.

The transformer moves were a perfect example of PSD’s capabilities and if this was a test….PSD received the highest grade possible. Along with moving both loads on time, on budget and safely, their client was able to avoid railing the pieces, extra crane charges and a goldhofer move. That is the Precision way, Exceptional Service for Exceptional Freight.

For more information on Precision Specialized Division or their affiliates please visit them at www.precisiongroupag.com.



You can visit the article in the magazine here July/August 2012 the abbreviated article is on page 15.