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We’ve Won The SC&RA Hauling Job Of The Year Award For Our 3rd Time in 5 Years

SC&RA 2018 Hauling Job of the Year Winner

After two years of intricate planning, Precision Specialized Division Inc. tackled the transport of 16 modules ranging in sizes from 40 by 12 by 12 feet to 40 by 16 by 14 feet.

Precision Specialized Division Inc. (Precision) completed a complex cross-country module transport for Zeton Inc., the world’s largest designer and builder of modular plant and demonstration scale system. In 2015 Zeton asked Precision what’s the biggest and largest possible load we could transport by road from Zeton’s plant in Ontario to Linden New Jersey?
This job involved transporting 16 modules ranging in sizes from 40 by 12 by 12 feet to 40 by 16 by 14 feet of expensive and fragile hi-tech instruments, cased in thousands of pounds of steel, over a precarious route from North America’s busiest traffic corridor to one of its most populated – just 15 miles southwest of New York City.

Before Zeton could begin designing, they needed Precision to develop a special logistical plan for something not yet built. That meant reverse engineering the whole process two years in advance!

There were many challenges including weight per axel restrictions in Ontario, at the Welland Canal and at the Peace Bridge, numerous special permit requirements and the constantly changing construction patterns making it extremely difficult to determine a route especially in Pennsylvania where the only viable option would entail a full closure, in both directions, of a 5-mile stretch on State Route 737 just west of Allentown, PA. This turn filled, small, two-lane road with sharp, blind corners and no shoulders, would require state police to hold traffic and escort the convoy through while precision’s own escorts assisted with side road traffic.

The team also faced an extremely difficult delivery site. Maneuvering inside the largest petrochemical facility on the East Coast, while in operation, and whose infrastructure was designed in 1909 presented very tight corner scenarios and involve the construction of custom rail beams and modifications to Precision’s perimeter trailer. In total, eight site visits were required to Linden, NJ to complete a proper entrance to the delivery site.

The loading process was intricate with each module detached, lifted and lowered to a horizontal position. They were then placed onto a regular double-drop extendable trailer and moved outside the facility. Two 80-ton cranes then lifted the modules again and transferred them over to a customized perimeter trailer, where the crew prepped them for transport.
All 16 modules successfully made the six-day difficult journey to Linden New Jersey. Each module required careful consideration, and thanks to precision planning and execution, the team was able to position the modules exactly where they were needed.

Our motto: Boots on the Ground, continues to serve us and our clients well – successfully!


SC&RA 2015 Hauling Job of the Year Winner (Under 160,000 lbs)

In February, 2014 Precision Specialized Division Inc (PSD) was contacted by our client to move 212 loads from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to 4 different locales in Alberta. Twelve of these loads were smoothing reactors and posed the biggest challenge.

The dimensions of these twelve reactors were divided into two categories 6 Large – 183”L x 183”W x 174”H – 87,000 lbs & 6 Extra-Large – 185”L x 185”W x 195”H – 110,000 lbs.

Focusing on the extra-large reactors, our loaded dimensions of these 6 loads would be 109’L x 15’ 5’w x 18’6”H with a gross weight just under 200,000 lbs and travelling through North America busiest traffic corridor would not be easy with these loads. The Province of Ontario highway infrastructure is not built to support 18’ 6” high. To complicate matters the manufacturer ships out of the downtown Greater Toronto Area, again, considered North Americas busiest Traffic Corridor. Upon a feasibility study we explained to our client that accessorial costs in the province of Ontario alone would be around $1.5M this would be for utilities, polices, surveys, media advertising, rolling announcement vehicles, etc. Complicating this route was the spring road bans and construction in Northern Ontario. It became apparent very quickly that permits would not be granted for this move. Several days after applying for our permits the MTO made it official and denied our applications due to the size of the loads and construction in Northern Ontario. As these smoothing reactors could not be diminished any further in size we asked our client to give us additional time to research and propose an alternative.

After two weeks of research we produced a 3 phase plan to move the smoothing reactors via ship on the Great Lakes Waterways from Oshawa, ON to Duluth, MN. This would mean moving over-the-road from the manufacturing plant to Oshawa, on ship to Duluth, then over-the-road to Alberta. Upon completion of our presentation our client awarded us the contract that very day.

In Phase 1 we moved the 12 smoothing reactors from the manufacturing plant in the GTA to Port of Oshawa with the help of over 60 dedicated personnel including drivers, police officers, utility workers and our own staff.

The 2nd phase consisted of loading all 12 reactors on the ship and sailing them to Duluth, MN. This voyage through the Great lakes took 5 days and arrived on time where we had 6 PSD trucks and trailers waiting to start the back to back move of the smoothing reactors and…phase 3.

Phase 3 had 6 PSD trucks performing two round trips each from Duluth to Alberta to move the reactors while the other 200 loads were being delivered during this time period. As the last smoothing reactor was unloaded we realized we had completed a very impressive project by producing a different kind of transportation plan for our client.

We are Precision – It’s what we do…It’s who we are.


SC&RA – Hauling Job of the Year Winner 2013

On April 6, 2013 at the SC&RA (Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association) Annual Conference, Precision Specialized Division Inc. was awarded the Hauling Job of the Year.

This award was for our 21’ high load move from Oshawa to Peterborough, Ontario which took place in November, 2012.

This is only the 2nd time in the SC&RA 65 year history that a Canadian company has won this prestigious award.

Watch our video award winning video:

For more information on this award and the SC&RA please go to www.scranet.org